Tim and the Hidden People

The Books of Shiela K McCullagh

Tim Rides on the Ghost Bus

“An hour later, Tim woke up with a start. For a moment, he wondered what had woken him. Then he felt Sebastian’s claws digging into his knee. He looked up, and saw the other passengers. All the other passengers were staring at him. They didn’t look friendly any more. Their eyes were glowing in their white faces, and for the first time, Tim felt frightened of them.”

Tim Rides On The Ghost Bus

Leaving Jeremy and Nicola safely with Grandfather Strome, Tim and Sebastian head for home.  They take a broomstick back to the mainland and catch the Ghost Bus.  Only The Hidden People can ride on the Ghost Bus , can Tim’s invisibility potion last the journey or will he Hidden People realise that Tim is one of the Ordinary Folk?

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