Tim and the Hidden People

The Books of Shiela K McCullagh

Tim and Tobias

“Who — Are you Tobias?” he asked.

“Of course I am,” said Tobias. “You found the key, Tim, so now you can see the Hidden People. There are Hidden People everywhere, only you can’t see them — unless you have
the key!

Tim is a boy who lives in The Yard with his Aunt May.  One stormy night Tim discovers a key hidden in a dusty book in the attic.  The key allows him to see the Hidden People, who are invisible.

He befriends Tobias, a black cat with glowing green eyes.  Tobias takes Tim for a trip on his broomstick, high above the rooftops of The Yard.

Who is this strange talking cat with the glowing green eyes?  Can he be trusted? And just who are the Hidden People?


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