Tim and the Hidden People

The Books of Shiela K McCullagh

The Key

“I came to tell you, Tim. They’re moving into the empty house.”
“Who are moving in?” asked Tim.
“Don’t be so slow, Tim!” cried Tobias. “The Hidden People are moving in, of course! Haven’t you seen them? You’ll see them all the time now, about in The Yard. And at night — just you
wait !”

Tim and the Hidden People The Key Inner Illustration

Tim’s friend Arun is moving to the empty house in The Yard.  Tim is very happy to hear this until he gets a visit from Tobias.  Tobias has grave news, The Hidden People have left Hollow Hill and are moving to a new place, the empty house in the Yard!  How will Arun and his family live in the same house as the Hidden People? Will they drive him out?

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