What are these books about? – See the About section.

Is this an official site?  No. I’m simply a fan of the series who wants to help people who have foggy memories of a boy and his cat battle against witches and stone men.

Why did you create this website? – Because all the other websites about Tim and the Hidden People Suck big hairy monkey balls.

Where can I get hold of the books?  The books have been out of print since the early Nineties so the only place to source them is from resellers such as Abe books or Ebay.

How much can I expect to pay for them?  As the years go by the value of the books has skyrocketed.  in the 2000’s you could have picked up a copy of Tim and Tobias for around £20.00 and the rest of the books in the series could be picked up for pennies.  Today expect to pay at the very least £20.00 per book.  Tim and Tobias regularly sells on Ebay for £150.00.

Were the books ever reprinted?  There were several reprint runs throughout the seventies and eighties and in 2002 there was a very limited black and white reprint run around 2002 which collected each series together in a single book.

Can you send me scans of the books? No. Whilst the books are currently out of print they are very much under copyright.

Who owns the copyright?  The IP for Tim and the Hidden People is currently held by Caxton Publishing.:

20 Bloomsbury Street
LondonWC1B 3JH
United Kingdom
+44 2076367171  (Tel)
+44 2076361922  (Fax)

Caxton have repeatedly stated that they have no plans to republish the series, however I’d encourage anyone to contact them to let them know that there is a demand for them.

How do I contact Sheila? Sheila lived well into her nineties however she died in 2014.

Do you have any information about any of Sheila’s other book series? Nope.

I’d like to contact you Visit my contact me form.

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